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Welcome to iKWOD, a tribute site devoted to the memory of KWOD 106.5, a Sacramento radio station programmed by Alex Cosper, the creator of Sacramento's video tour website SacTV and radio/music history site Playlist Research.

The station shifted formats over the years from contemporary jazz to top 40 to eventually alternative rock. The station enjoyed its most sustained success in the 1990s at the height of the alternative radio revolution. KWOD was one of a handful of West Coast major market stations that influenced and inspired stations across the nation to embrace music from the alternative format.

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Cake - Rock and Roll Lifestyle

One of KWOD's biggest accomplishments was helping elevate local bands to the national level. KWOD gave airplay to countless local bands, emphasizing the ones that were stirring up big reactions in the local scene. Cake was the most successful band that came from this era. They rose in prominence, first with the Casablanca Records release of the 1994 album Motorcade of Generosity, featuring "Rock and Roll Lifestyle," "Jolene" and "Ruby Sees All." Then the 1996 follow-up album Fashion Nugget contained the smash, "The Distance," which KWOD helped break nationally. The album went on to sell over a million units.

KWOD's Devotion to Local Bands

KWOD also gave airplay to Deftones, signed to Maverick Records. The band's early single was "7 Words," played regularly at night on Ally Storm's show. Other local and regional bands heard on KWOD in the 90s included Jack, which became Oleander, signed to Republic Records, Cause and Effect, signed to Zoo Entertainment and Chance The Gardener, signed to Warner Brothers. Papa's Culture, signed to Island Records, was played on the local show The Sound of Sacramento on Sunday night hosted by various station personalities such as David Conley. Papa Roach also got early airplay prior to getting signed. One of the local scene's hit songs regularly heard on the station was "Jet, Jackie and J.C." by Little Guilt Shrine (LGS).

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