Celebrating Sacramento's most independent radio station,
KWOD 106.5 (1977-2009)

KWOD Staff 1991-1993

Staff members from top left: Gerry Cagle (Station Manager), Adam Smasher (Program Director, Afternoon Host), Alex Cosper (Music Director then Program Director, Midday Host), Karen Holmes (Assistant Music Director), Rob Endsley (Promotions Director, Weekend Host), Axl Marley (Morning Host), Nick Munroe (Night then Afternoon Host), Brad Adams (Afternoon Host), Ally Storm (Night Host), Shawn Cash (Morning Co-host), Jeff Jensen (Morning Co-host), Andy Prescott (Weekend Host), Morris B (Weekend Host), Joe Gomez (Night Host), Michael Hayes (Weekend Host).

Others not pictured: Jack Rabbit, Dan Kennedy, Jack Da Wack, James Wood, Aaron Kinney.

KWOD Staff 1993-1996

Staff members from top left: Alex Cosper (Program Director), Rob Endsley (Promotions Director), Mike Pierce (Sales Manager), Shawn Cash (Morning Co-host), Jeff Jensen (Morning Co-host), Giles Hendriksen (Afternoon Host), Ally Storm (Night Host), Ron Givens (Weekend Host), Brad Adams (Weekend Host), Jamie Gates (Overnight Host), Matt "Zog" Zogaric (Weekend Host), Tom Boman (Weekend Host), Sean Parkinson (Weekend Host), Peter Davis (Weekend Host), David Conley (Host of "Sound of Sac"). Below is Mark Roberts (Weekend Host).

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