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Local Sacramento Music Played on KWOD

Artwork by Alex Cosper

During its top 40 era of the 80s, KWOD did not venture into local music with a few exceptions, such as if an act were signed to a major label and a 1989 experiment called "Waves On The West Coast." One of the few local radio hits prior to the 90s without getting signed to a major label was the song "Carry Me Back" by Crayon, led by Carone Vikre in 1980 on KXOA-AM. That same year Alex Cosper briefly interned at the station and remembered the sensation the local hit generated. The next time it aired was on KWOD's local show, The Sound of Sacramento, which started in 1992.

The song "Waves On The West Coast" was recorded by Tangent featuring "A.C." and Harrison Price. AC was night host Alex Cosper, who wrote the song as an experiment to see if local hits could happen with airplay. The song had a positive response on night host Pat Garrett's "Like It or Spike It" feature. After a few more spins, requests started to build for the song, as it wound up in a medium rotation in the summer of 1989. The 45 rpm single was sold at local Tower Records stores. The response led to night competitor Mark S Allen "blowing up" the record on FM 102 (KSFM).

Other Sacramento recording artists who got airplay on KWOD included two groups produced by Jay King, which were Timex Social Club and Club Nouveau, both of which had big hits on the Billboard Hot 100. "Rumours" by Timex Social Club went top 10 in 1986 then "Lean On Me" hit number one. Another local act that got airplay after getting signed was Bourgeois Tagg, in which KWOD played both "Mutual Surrender" and "I Don't Mind At All."

Local Artists Played on KWOD in the 1990s

Here's a list of songs by local Sacramento artists that were played in regular rotation outside of the Sunday night local show "The Sound of Sacramento." From 1994-1996 KWOD released three local music compilations called Blank Astronomy, Overflow and Transcentury Detour. Tracks from these CDs were played around the clock, placed in a category that allowed the air personalities to select the local music.

The act that got the heaviest airplay was Cake while they were signed to indie label Capricorn Records, which had been the home of the Allman Brothers Band. Then Cake's successful first three indie albums led to getting signed to major label Columbia for a few albums 2001-2004. By the end of the decade the band returned to indie releases after selling millions of albums.

7 Seconds - See You Tomorrow (Columbia)
99 Tales - Thursday (unsigned)
As Yet Untitled - Across The Water (unsigned)
Cake - I Will Survive (Capricorn)
Cake - Italian Leather Sofa (Capricorn)
Cake - Jolene (Capricorn)
Cake - Mr. Mastadon Farm (Capricorn)
Cake - Rock and Roll Lifestyle (Capricorn)
Cake - Ruby Sees All (Capricorn)
Cake - The Distance (Capricorn)
Cake - You Part The Waters (Capricorn)
Cause and Effect - Echoing Green (Zoo Entertainment/BMG)
Cause and Effect - It's Over Now (Zoo Entertainment/BMG)
Cause and Effect - You Think You Know Her (Zoo Entertainment/BMG)
Cause and Effect - What Do You See (Zoo Entertainment/BMG)
Chance The Gardener - Boise (Warner Brothers)
Chance The Gardener - Smoke (Warner Brothers)
Deftones - Bored (played at night)(Maverick/Warner)
Deftones - 7 Words (played at night)(Maverick/Warner)
EWM - Indecent Exposure (unsigned)
Ghost - Dorothea's House (unsigned)
Knapsack - Cellophane (Alias)
LGS - Jet, Jackie and JC (unsigned)
Mark Curry - Sorry About The Weather
Mother Hips - Hey Emilee (prior to signing)
Mother Hips - Honeydew (American Recordings/Warner)
Mother Hips - Shut The Door (American Recordings/Warner)
Oleander - Why I'm Here (Republic/Universal)
Tattooed Love Dogs - Sea To Shining Sea (unsigned)
Tattooed Love Dogs - Down The Road (unsigned)

1990s Local Songs Played on KWOD in Regular Rotation

Cake - Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Deftones - Bored Mother Hips - Shut The Door Cause and Effect - It's Over Now 7 Seconds - See You Tomorrow Chance The Gardener - Smoke
Little Guilt Shrine (LGS) - Jet, Jackie and J.C. Tattooed Love Dogs - Sea To Shining Sea Mark Curry - Sorry About The Weather Knapsack - Cellophane Ghost - Dorothea's House
Nora - Waterways Cinema - Voyeur EWM - Indecent Exposure Emerald Stone - Down From The Sky
Naja - Brown Air David Conley - Zero Turnout
Beat Villains - One Long Winter Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour Darwins - Nature Sets Its Own Law Darwins - No One Listens

Local Artists Played on "The Sound of Sacramento" in the 1990s

7 Seconds
99 Tales
Anton Barbeau & The Joyboys
As Yet Untitled
Beat Villains
Brent Bourgeouis
Bret Bingham
Carone Vikre
Cause and Effect
Chance The Gardener
Cherry Murmur
David Conley
David Houston
Go National
Greg Rageous & The Silence
Groovie Ghoulies
Guilt Without Sex
Harrison Price
Jack (later Oleander)
Kai Kln
Magnolia Thunderfinger
Mama's Gravy
Mark Curry
Mature Innocense
Mind X
Mother Hips
Mumbo Gumbo
Okra Pickles
Papa Roach
Papa's Culture
Plastic Violets
Seventh Standard
Simon Says
Sketch Olives
Sweet Vine
Tattooed Love Dogs
The Biggs
Thin White Rope

Local KWOD Compilations

BLANK ASTRONOMY (1994): Lyrics Written by KWOD Listeners, Set to Music by Local Artists

Student Driver - Blank Astronomy
Emerald Stone - Stuck In Freeway Traffic
EWM - Indecent Exposure
The Biggs - Relative Deception
Hillside Roll - Sad Service
David Conley - Zero Turnout
Guilt Without Sex - The Unraveling
Squish Midgets - Eggplant Song
Nick Witry, Mike Carr & Andrew Enberg - Sequel To The Sequel
Thin Ice - Adventures In The Subconscious Community

OVERFLOW (1995): Benefit for Flood Relief Victims

Sandbox Trio - Overflow
Fugundus - Liquid Disaster
Taint - Erased By The Tides
Salamander - Why Did It Happen Again
Love Symphony - Underwater Everything
Nora - Waterways
Carnies - Lift Our City
Mark Roberts - A Flood Victim's Perspective
Beat Villains - One Long Winter
Darwins - Nature Sets Its Own Law


Ron Givens - Polarized
Eden - Desperate Way
Magnolia Thunderfinger - Sewer Drain
Ghost - Dorothea's House
The Biggs - Beach Street Revival
Guilt Without Sex - Stop
Squish Midgets - All Curled Up
Start - Hey, It's a Big World
Emerald Stone - Down From The Sky
Horns In The Attic - School Day

TRANSCENTURY DETOUR (1996): Raising Environmental Awareness

Cherry Murmur - Story of The Open Road
Beat Villains - Contour Drive
Naja - Brown Air
Sketch Olives - Fumes
Chance The Gardener - All My Friends Who Died In Cars
Tattooed Love Dogs - Sea To Shining Sea
Cult of Soul - Move
Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour
Limelike - Adventure
Emerald Stone - Stuck In Freeway Traffic
Taint - Breathe

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